Innovative Snow Melting Solutions

With over 12 years of development, Pave Guard Technologies is committed to offering a better alternative to snow and ice removal. Our ice and snow melt system gives Kansas City area roadways, driveways, highways, bridges and other outdoor surfaces a clearer approach to eliminating the perils of snow and ice accumulations.

Through dedicated research and practice, our unique, solar power system distributes cost-effective and environmentally friendly radiant heat into each Pave Guard-installed surface, allowing safer travels for everyone over each treated area.

For ice and snow melting solutions for all residential, commercial and governmental applications, contact our friendly staff and ask about an installation for your surfaces today.

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Revolutionizing Travel with Snow Melting Solutions

Pave Guard ice and snow melt system gives the Kansas City area a solution to effectively counter the wasteful and harmful practices used to get rid of snow and ice formations along commercial, residential or government surfaces.

From renewable energy solutions to accident prevention, take in all the advantages afforded to you with our system. Read More.

Deicing solutions in Kansas City


Pave Guard Technologies invites you to discover the better alternative to combating snow and ice accumulation.

Our solar energy ice and snow melting system affords Kansas City pathways a clearer destination for all commercial, residential or government travels. Contact us today to see about a Pave Guard installation for your home, or browse our site for further specifics on our commercial, residential, or government application benefits.

Innovative Ice-Melting and deicing solutions in Kansas City

deicing solutions in kansas city